. In June, 2015, the subject of “MAS226(bi): Introduction to Broadcasting and Journalism”  which concerns the production process of news or programs on TV or a newspaper, organized an in-class activity so that the students could practice and learn about the production process of TV programs. During this activity, the programs which were produced were supposed to be broadcast on Stamford TV Channel. In class, there was a group of students who produced some outstanding work which was selected by A.Pakamon Sasatanun.

The name of the program was “The Gang”, a travelling documentary which offered both knowledge and entertainment (it is a Thai-language program). The program featured the travel guide to Sangkhlaburi District in Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand, the area which is adjacent to the Myanmar border. The outstanding feature of this district is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand, known as the Bridge of Kwai. There are a great number of the ethnic group of Mon people who live in this area. As a result, the way of life and the old traditions of the Mon people can be witnessed by visitors. Besides this, in the local area there are various cultural sites which are highly interesting places to visit. The marketing department and the admission department can appropriately use this work to promote the faculty in other activities which are useful for the university.





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