What Stamford students have to say about mobile phones, relationships and food? Have a look at these fun & interesting interviews!

Which one would you choose 10 million dollars or to find true love? Two Thumbs production team finds out what Stamford students picked!


Do you believe in ghosts? Find out what Stamford students have to say!


Zombies and food? Check out this fun practical joke on our students

Great production from – Tune, Austin, Wow, Nam, Fern


Are you jealous person worrying about you bf or gf? Interesting interview on relationships

Jasmine, Boss, Sol, Jui, Linda


What phone App do you use?

Production team: Linda, Non, Karma, Dennis, and Anna


Are you jealous, like checking your bf/gf phone history?

Production team: Mint,Vi,Pan,Puen and June.