Students in MAS 305 Broadcasting Production are learning basic camera shots and camera control in order to tell a story visually. For project 1 students created a video montage of commonly used camera shots and movement.

We Don’t Talk Anymore – great first project on camera control showing frames and compositions to tell a story. Mild on camera, Friend on camera assisting, Mook editing skills, Sasa production management.


Good cameraman, good art director, actors, ambition, interest = THE PERFECT STORM


Check out the smooth moves on this production. Beautifully shot by Ryu and Dennis with a mad edit job.


A fun day with the girlfriends running all over Bangkok. Great camera work from Pim, Bee, Nam, and Ice


Very powerful performance accompanied by stunning cinematography by Tom, edit production May actress Cindy


An amazing first video from G-Boss, Sol, Jui, and Linda. Check out their mad long take!


Memories can cause such strong emotion.


Great camera controle offering cinema quality images.


MAS 427 Fantastic ‘Tea Party In The Park’ demonstrating camera angles. Well done to Dhanapol, Pam, Bewy, and Win for a fantastic production.