Students used their skills in camera operations, audio capture and editing to go out into the field and record interviews.

Excellent job from the class producing high quality and interesting interviews from celebrities, industry professionals and entrepreneurs.

Life of a BARISTA – this is for all those coffee lovers out there who want to know about kinds of roasts and where your coffee beans come from. 


Thai Beliefs. Great interview showing popular Thai beliefs &  famous ghost stories. Don’t be afraid and check it out. 

Who does not love their pets? Check out this inspiring story of Dr. Tee and why he became a verternarian.
Production by: Host Nattikarn, edited by Sarena, Camera Panuwat and produced by Patshrnush, and Viratchai

Iranian Muay Thai Boxer – Muay Thai not just for Thai’s anymore. Production hosted by Friend, Camera by Ohm, Edit by Mild, Produced by Daniel, Mook, Muhammad


Very interesting interview with a star of a very different kind


What is a ‘YouTuber’? Check out this fun interview to find out