MAS 385 Storyboarding class has worked hard applying camera angles, and transitions to create mood and atmosphere. In addition students have been learning about the editing process, pacing and timing along with special effects. Well done to the class for producing exceptionally high caliber work!

Pretty When You Cry – Watch out for fatal attractions! Well produced production by: Starring Chanawich, Chulapt, Edited by Anawit, with production by Piyapantnarin, Mait and Wai Yan

Sick Of Losing Soulmates – Cinematography by Kasin, staring Pimthong, with a great edit by Natthagarn 


Desire – Well shot production by Anna, Shot & edited by Dennis, Non, Linda, and starring Game. Be aware of fatal attraction!

Backpack – great production and well shot production by Chanel, Jelly, Tak, Jeejong. Oh the trials of a long distant relationship!

Where Ever You May Go – Beautifully shot with exceptional acting from this team

A fantastic production directed by Mr. Apriak and cinematography by Mr. Pasakorn for the music video ‘Dark Pardaise’. The use of special effects and underwater footage elevated this production to new levels. Well done to the whole crew!

Exceptional framing and cinematography skills presented in this cover rendition of ‘We Found Love’. Directed by Ms. Laksika, the use of focusing and compositions of subjects helped to convey story and emotion. Exceptional camera work by Supisara,  well done to the whole crew!